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Come and see our Pinup Studio Hair Salon Raleigh NC for the full service and start to love your hair! Love your hair, do you? If not, what will you change? Let us help you alter this in Salon! We offer you an updated lounge experience that will make us your new favorite lounge in Durham, North Carolina, whether you want a low-care style that frees your uptime, you want bold new hair, or you are prepared in a new, contemporary style.

What We Offer

Nothing compares this “fresh sensation out of the living room,” and our services make you feel amazing at your hair since the day of your appointment! We will take our stylist’s time to find out what you want from your hair and to propose goods and services.

Services Provided

Our stylists take care of what you want and which will always accentuate your haircut features. Hairstyle and coloring are the main services performed in hair salons. Good hairstyles can greatly enhance the entire appearance of a person. Most salons, therefore, have hair stylists for that function especially. There is a wide range of hairstyles to select from which numerous criteria, for example, the facial and hair lengths, are normally dependent. This is not only a question of hairstyling. But salon experts also ensure that these styles are separate from each individual.

Numerous hair styling features, like braiding, relaxation, or hair expansions, are available. Likewise, coloring services are delivered to individuals based on their viability. Cosmetic services are different types of services performed in beautiful rooms. Many hair salons have maquiladoras whose job is to put their customers on make-up. Beauty salons usually feature cosmetics experts that have expertise in making up the needs of many cultures. In certain beauty rooms, gadgets that are ideal for a particular appearance can be obtained whose costs are included in the entire cost of the maquillage services.

Additional Services

Other types of treatments in the hair salon include nail therapy and day spa treatment. As for nail care, in addition to nail polishing, manicures and pedicures can be had. At the same time, spa treatments, including body massage and waxing, are featured in the majority of beauty salons. The swimming pools and steam baths are other features supplied by hair lounge health spas, which all strive to improve your salon experience.

Service Menu

Purchase premium hair care products directly from our living room and learn what’s best for your hair.

Hair Care Products

All we need to make you look and feel your best. Some of the services offered by our salon are given here a deeper look:

Our team features talented, skillfully trained, and professionally certified educators in the industry.

WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. You may not only anticipate the best from our team but also from our living room. You can relax and unwind in a peaceful green space studio whenever you go. Come and visit us at the salon if your hairs loving! Book with us today for your next appointment and learn why Durham’s first hair salon is.

A vast array of hair treatment is available. We provide smart and accurate haircuts for women, men and children. Would you like to dye your hair? We have covered you. We have covered you. We have 5 Gold well Masters Certified Stylists in wonderful hands. This lounge for hair enthusiasts is also perfect. Let us cure your hair without ammonia, without harming your hair. Rest easy to know that specialists give what you’ve paid for exactly. Don’t trust your hair with amateurs. We have a vision: to facilitate good hair. Expert service that helps you to get your desired look without affecting your hair health. Hassle free service. Listen to his passion for Raleigh’s NC Pinup studio greatest hair salon.


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