Give Your Clothes a Second Life

You all can give your clothes a second life, instead of leaving them being hanged in your wardrobe or throwing them destructively. You can also recycle your clothes by a procedure named “material to material” recycle.

Nowadays, the fashion industry has affected our environment because of toxic chemicals, fast fashion, and immoral practices. Such an impact is called sustainability. If we all play our roles in making our environment ECO – friendly, we have ways and tips on it to follow. So, Let’s make it together!

Below you will see some ECO – friendly and credible ways from which you will be proficient to give your cloth a second life very quickly.

You Can Turn Your T-shirt into Your Bag

Seems interesting. Right? Of course, there are various options from which you can give your clothes a second life. Just like that, you can turn your t-shirt into your bag.

This is such an ECO – friendly and proper way of recycling your t-shirt. Don’t buy plastic bags and paper bags from stores. If you do so, you are wasting your own money. Try new and stylish things, just like turning your t-shirt into a cool and unique school bag.

You Can Give Your T-Shirts a Second Life Just By Making It a Handkerchief

Make a handkerchief from your old dress instantly. This allows you to look after your environment. You can give your handkerchief a stylish look by cutting them into symmetric square pieces.

Convert Your Shirt Into a Makeup Box Decorator

Your clothes are now too old and you are not supposed to wear it again, not even a single time. But you don’t have your heart to throw it. Don’t be upset. You can convert your old cloth into your makeup box decorator. Cut your cloth, give it a new style and wrap it on your makeup box. It will make your makeup box look so stylish on your dressing table. That’s simple!

Repairing Your Own Clothes Is Also a Good Option

If you don’t want to donate your clothes or if they are not in condition to be donated, like if they are turned or its colour fades. First, try to repair it. Don’t give your shopping option the first and last option tag! If there is a missing button then try to stitch a button on your shirt or if it is faded, then give it a new colour and your cloth would then be ready to wear. Now you don’t have to waste your time on shopping for new clothes anymore.

Do Some Art Work With Your Old Cloth

You can give your own clothes a second life by doing some art work with it. Cut your t-shirt of your picture size and put it on the border of your favorite picture. It has become your frame now!

Or try to cut your clothes into strips and make a new curtain for your window.

You Can Also Send Your Clothes to The Manufacturers

If you have your heart on your dress. But it is not in the situation to be worn again. Don’t worry! Some manufacturers took responsibility for repairing your clothes and giving your clothes a second life. Send your old clothes to such manufacturers and enjoy your cloth’s second life.

Cotton Composting

If you have cotton clothes then, we have such a good news for you. Cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, linen and Hemp are the products that can be composted.


Composting means turning your fabric into fruits, vegetables and other various plants. Shocked? Actually, when you compost your fabric they have the property to grow in soil and give rise to fruits, vegetables and various plants.

Please, do not throw away your clothes or leave them in your wardrobe uselessly. Insead, Resale it to The Whaley CenterĀ  Fayetteville NC now.

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