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Commercial roofing is the specialization of installing, fixing, and keeping up with enormous roofing projects commercially. It is radically different from residential roofing and requires various preparation and use distinctive roofing frameworks.

Commercial roofing is mainly made up of modified bitumen, TPO, PVC Tar, gravel, etc.

There are many more options available for roofing when it comes to commercial roofing, so you should be patient and do detailed research on different types of roofing material to get the one you are satisfied with.

There are many types of roofing when it comes to commercial roofing, and in the below articles will be given the exact information you need to know before buying the roofing material.

Different commercial roofing:

Reform bitumen roofing system:

Also know as modified bitumen roofing is the standard type of roofing system that consists of buried layers and fortified roof fabrics. It’s the best choice of roof for commercial roofing.


  • Tensile strength is high- it can bear a lot of weight and pressure
  • Provide insulation- it keeps the building’s temperature relatively constant
  • Water roofing- prevent any leakage
  • Eco- friendly

Spray polyurethane foam roofing system- also known as SPF:

SPF is the environment-friendly option for the commercial roofing system available. It is spread of the roof’s surface, and when it gets to try, it becomes foam and makes a solid layer of the roof on the already existing roof. Since the 1960s, this roofing system has not been commonly used but can be used in any weather, and if it is installed professionally and in the right way, it can last for a lifetime.


  • It is energy efficient
  • It’s durable
  • It s waterproof
  • Eco-friendly

Single-ply membrane roofing:

It is the most common and appreciated commercial roofing system. Single-ply roofing consists of sheets made of rubber and synthetic products. If they are installed by professionals and with proper techniques, these sheets are last for 25-30 years.


  • Fire resistant
  • Insulation- usually is don’t come with the insulation and can be insulated as per customer demand
  • Retention and reflective

Green roofing system:

In the recent few years, green roofing is getting famous commercially because they are eco-friendly and secondly because they give aesthetic look thatch people admire the most.


  • Insulation
  • Improve efficiency
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emission
  • Increase roof life

Metal roofing system:

It’s the oldest and commonly used commercial roofing system. The corrugated metal roofing system is commonly appreciated, but metal types like aluminum and steel can also be used. It can be afforded by everyone and is light in weight which makes it easy to install. Most of the time, this particular roofing system can be installed on the existing roof. The price range of the roof can vary with the quality and thickness of the material.

Picture of Metal Roofing


  • Fire resistant
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Highly stable to climate changes.

Thighs you should know for commercial roofing:

  • Installation-it depends on the material, price, and the worker’s working experience. It would be better to hire a trusted person to install the roof for your
  • Inspection- regular roofing inspection is recommended when it comes to commercial roofing. It includes many aspects like examing the area properly, looking for any tear or water leakage, checking vents, etc.
  • Maintenance- proper maintenance for the commercial roof is high significant apart from inspection, and it includes many factors like cleaning the roof from time to time. Resolving and tear and water problem etc.


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