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El Marino Language School

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Are you looking for an immersive language school experience to help you master a new language? El Marino Language School in Los Angeles, California is the perfect choice for students of all ages and levels. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, El Marino will provide top-notch instruction to meet your needs. With certified teachers, modern classrooms, and plenty of fun activities planned throughout the week, it’s no wonder why this school has become so popular among language learners. Let’s take a closer look at what makes El Marino such an attractive option for learning a foreign language!

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El Marino offers courses in Spanish, French, German, Japanese and English as a Second Language (ESL). All classes are taught by experienced instructors who have been certified with one of the world’s leading organizations for teaching languages. Not only do they keep up to date on best practices but they also bring their own unique methods into classroom lessons making them more engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved. Additionally, each student is provided with personalized feedback from the instructor which helps ensure that learning happens quickly and efficiently.

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In addition to quality instruction inside the classroom, El Marino also plans weekly events such as movie nights where students can practice their conversational skills in real-life scenarios. There are also cultural excursions during weekends where students get to explore nearby locations like museums or historic sites while practicing their newly acquired language skills along the way! With its combination of high-quality teaching methods and various extracurricular activities offered on site, there’s something here for everyone at El Marino Language School!

History Of El Marino Language School

El Marino Language School was established in 1978 by a group of language teachers with the goal of providing high quality English instruction to students from around the world. It has since become one of the most respected language schools in California, and many graduates have gone on to great success in their respective fields.

The school is based on a unique curriculum that emphasizes both real-world practicality and academic achievement. The teaching staff consists of experienced professionals who are committed to helping each student reach their individual goals. Students benefit from an immersive learning experience that includes interactive classes, field trips, cultural activities, and more.

In addition to its core program offerings, El Marino also offers special courses such as accent reduction or test preparation for TOEFL or IELTS exams. These additional services allow students to gain valuable skills while still focusing on their primary objective: mastering the English language.

Students can expect personalized attention throughout their studies at El Marino; instructors are available to provide guidance and feedback whenever needed. This level of support ensures that all learners achieve maximum potential during their time here—whether they’re aiming for fluency or just brushing up on basic conversational skills.

Overview Of Programs & Courses Offered

Moving on from the history of El Marino Language School, let’s take a closer look at the programs and courses offered. The school provides a wide variety of language classes for students to choose from depending on their individual needs and goals.

Classes are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Students can also enroll in one-on-one private instruction or join small groups with other learners who have similar skill sets. A well-rounded program is available to meet all student requirements including conversation practice, grammar reviews, culture lessons, and activities like field trips to local landmarks that help bring the material alive.

The following is an overview of some popular programs offered by El Marino Language School:

  • General Spanish Courses – These classes cover basic vocabulary as well as simple speaking exercises to get you started quickly.
  • Intensive Immersion Courses – This course focuses on developing fluency in Spanish through intensive study combined with cultural exploration activities such as cooking demonstrations and museum visits.
  • Business Spanish Course – Perfect for those looking to use Spanish in the workplace, this class covers topics related to business communication such as email writing and telephone etiquette.

In addition to these core offerings, El Marino Language School offers special workshops throughout the year that focus on specific areas such as holidays celebrations or cuisine. With so many ways to learn Spanish it’s no wonder why El Marino has become one of the most sought after schools in Los Angeles!

Qualified Teachers & Faculty

At el marino language school, we take great pride in our qualified faculty. Our teachers have years of experience teaching a variety of languages and come from diverse backgrounds. Each teacher is passionate about their subject matter and are dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction for every student.

Ms. MariaSpanishMasters Degree in Education
Mr. AhmedArabicBachelors Degree in Linguistics
Ms. YoonaKoreanCertificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)

Our faculty has expertise across all levels, so they can provide individualized attention to each student’s needs, whether they are an absolute beginner or more advanced learner. They understand that everyone learns differently and strive to create an engaging environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves freely while learning their chosen language. In addition, our instructors use innovative methods such as interactive activities, multimedia resources, audio recordings, videos, group discussions and more to reinforce the lessons being taught and help foster greater understanding among learners.

The teachers at el marino language school understand how important it is that students learn communication skills that will set them up for success beyond the classroom walls — both within their own communities and around the world. Through our personalized approach to education, we ensure that students receive comprehensive training tailored to suit their specific needs and goals so they can succeed in any future endeavors related to speaking a foreign language fluently and confidently.

Location & Facilities

The location of El Marino Language School is ideal for students looking to learn a new language. Situated in the heart of Hollywood, it has easy access to public transportation and many cultural attractions. The school is located on Wilshire Boulevard, one of Los Angeles’ most iconic boulevards lined with chic boutiques and famous restaurants.

The facilities at El Marino are top-notch, featuring modern classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual technology. There’s also a library full of books, reference materials and multimedia resources that can be used by instructors and students alike. In addition, there’s an outdoor courtyard where students can take advantage of sunny days or relax after class.

El Marino provides its students with free wifi throughout the building so they can easily stay connected while studying abroad. Furthermore, the student lounge offers comfortable seating areas which provide a great environment to socialize with classmates from all over the world. Finally, there’s even a cafe serving up delicious snacks and beverages both before and after classes each day.

Whether you’re taking classes online or learning face-to-face, this premier language school ensures that its learners have everything they need for a successful experience – from qualified teachers & faculty to convenient location & excellent facilities.

Admissions Process

At el marino language school, we are dedicated to helping each student reach their individual goals. We offer a variety of courses and activities that will help them become fluent in the language they have chosen. Our admissions process is designed to ensure that all applicants meet our requirements and are ready to learn at an advanced level.

The first step in our admissions process is submitting an application form. This form must be completed accurately with correct information about the applicant’s educational background, as well as any relevant work experience or volunteer activities. After the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by an admissions committee who will determine if the applicant meets our minimum criteria for admission into our program.

Once accepted into el marino language school, students must submit official transcripts from their previous schools or universities along with letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors who can speak positively about their academic abilities and potential success in our program. These documents provide us with the necessary evidence to assess whether or not a student has the skills needed to succeed here.

Finally, all admitted students must attend an orientation session where they learn more about what life at el marino language school entails and how best to take advantage of all available resources while studying with us. This allows us to make sure every student feels comfortable in their new environment before beginning classes.

Tuition Costs & Fees

At El Marino Language School, we understand that affordability matters. That’s why we offer an array of tuition costs and fees to suit any budget. Whether you enroll in our beginner courses or more advanced classes, there is a solution for everyone.

First, all students are required to pay an annual registration fee of $50 at the start of each school year. This fee covers administrative costs associated with enrollment and allows us to keep quality high across the board.

The cost of tuition varies depending on the course level and length of class sessions. For instance, our standard 30-hour course may cost between $150 to $500 per student depending on their grade level and current enrollment status. We also have discounts available for those who qualify as low-income earners or those enrolled full-time in other educational programs.

No matter what your financial situation is, we believe every child should be able to learn a new language without breaking the bank – that’s why we strive to make sure all students can access our services regardless of their income bracket.

Technology Used In Teaching

At El Marino Language School, we recognize the importance of technology in education. We use a variety of tools to help our students learn and understand language concepts faster. Our teachers utilize audio-visual equipment such as interactive whiteboards and live streaming for lectures and presentations. This helps to engage our students more effectively since they can easily see what is being taught on the board.

We also have computers available for each student in the classroom. These are connected to an online learning platform where students can access digital materials related to their coursework, including videos, slideshows, and other multimedia content. With this setup, students can work at their own pace without having to worry about falling behind or missing important information during class time.

In addition, we incorporate mobile devices into our lessons so that our learners have multiple options when engaging with material outside of the classroom. For example, our instructors may assign apps for activities or provide links to websites where they can find additional resources. By making these tools accessible wherever our students go, we ensure that they stay engaged with their studies even when away from school.

Our goal is to create an environment of collaboration among educators and learners alike through modern technologies such as chatrooms and video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype. Through these methods, our teachers can get instant feedback from their classes while staying connected with them no matter how far apart they are physically located. Students benefit by having easy access to knowledge shared by peers across different locations around the world!

Overall, using technology is essential for providing personalized instruction in today’s classrooms; it allows us to be flexible in teaching various topics quickly and efficiently while still ensuring that all participants remain engaged throughout every lesson plan.

Extracurricular Activities Available

Moving on from the technology used in teaching, El Marino Language School offers several extracurricular activities to students. These activities are designed to help students learn more about the language they’re studying and practice it in a fun setting outside of class.

The first activity available is language exchange meetings. During these meetings, students can engage with native speakers of the language they’re studying while also allowing them to share their own cultural knowledge as well. This helps students become much more confident with conversational skills that will be essential when learning any new language.

In addition, El Marino Language School puts together field trips for its students throughout the year. The school organizes visits to places like museums or theatres where there may be performances in the student’s target language. Students have an opportunity to observe how locals interact and hear different dialects spoken by native speakers, which further develops their understanding of the language being studied.

Finally, El Marino Language School encourages its students to get involved in social events such as potlucks or movie nights held at the school itself. Here, people who speak different languages come together and create an environment that allows everyone to practice what they’ve learned through conversations and interactions with one another. By providing this type of atmosphere, it gives a boost to anyone looking into becoming proficient in a second language in a relaxed yet stimulating way.

Accreditations & Awards Earned

El Marino Language School is proud to have earned multiple accreditations and awards. We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), a national non-profit organization that provides quality assurance in education. This recognition indicates El Marino’s commitment to high academic standards, ensuring our students receive an excellent education.

In addition, we hold memberships with several esteemed organizations, such as California Council for Private Education (CCPE) and American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP). These partnerships demonstrate a dedication to upholding industry best practices and providing superior teacher training opportunities.

Our achievements do not stop there; El Marino has also won numerous awards over the years. Most recently, El Marino was honored at the National Association for Bilingual Education Awards Ceremony. In particular, we received commendation for our innovative Spanish language program which engages students from all backgrounds to develop their bilingual skillset. Furthermore, many of our teachers have been recognized for excellence in teaching and mentoring at both state and national levels through various programs.

We take great pride in having achieved these accolades which speak volumes about our school’s commitment to student success and overall mission goals.

Benefits Of Attending El Marino Language School

Attending El Marino Language School offers many benefits for its students. The school is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education, so you can rest assured that it meets the highest standards in language education. In addition to providing a quality learning experience, the school also has an experienced and knowledgeable faculty who are dedicated to helping their students succeed.

El Marino Language School provides its students with a variety of resources including textbooks, audio-visual materials, online courses, and interactive activities. These tools help enhance student learning and make studying more efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, the school’s small class sizes allow for personalized instruction which helps create a supportive atmosphere where each student feels comfortable asking questions and receiving individual attention.

The curriculum at El Marino Language School covers all aspects of the Spanish language from grammar and vocabulary to reading comprehension and cultural awareness. This comprehensive approach allows students to become proficient in both written and spoken Spanish while gaining knowledge about Spanish culture as well. With this thorough understanding of the language, students gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in any setting or situation they may encounter when traveling abroad or interacting with native speakers.

In addition to academic excellence, El Marino Language School also emphasizes social interaction among its students through various extracurricular activities such as field trips, sports teams, clubs, etc., which helps develop interpersonal skills while making new friends from all over the world! Through these experiences outside of the classroom walls, students learn valuable life lessons that will stay with them long after graduation day arrives.

Student Testimonials

At El Marino Language School, we take pride in the success of our students. Many of them have shared their positive experiences with us and have been kind enough to share some of their stories with others looking to learn a new language. Here are a few testimonials from some of our satisfied customers:

“I had always wanted to learn Spanish, so I decided to give El Marino Language school a try. The classes were engaging and informative, and my tutor was incredibly helpful throughout my learning experience. By the end of the course, I felt confident using Spanish both in conversation as well as writing.” – Maria P.

“My daughter has been attending El Marino for almost two years now and she absolutely loves it! She’s picked up several languages quickly due to the great teaching staff they have on staff at this school.” – Sarah F.

“The teachers at El Marino took extra time out during class to make sure that each student understood every concept before moving onto more advanced topics. This gave me the opportunity to really hone my skills when it came to speaking Spanish fluently.” – Jose L.

El Marino Language School is proud to provide an environment where students can thrive while developing their foreign language skills. We strive to create an atmosphere which encourages learning, growth, and confidence–all leading towards our goal of helping you become fluent in your chosen language.

Parent Reviews & Perceptions

Moving on from student testimonials, parents of students at El Marino language school have a lot to say about their children’s experience. The consensus is that the curriculum and environment are excellent for helping kids reach proficiency in Spanish.

Here’s what some parents had to say:

  • Classroom Environment:
  • Quality instruction – Parents praised the quality of teaching they saw in the classrooms. They felt confident in the expertise of teachers and were pleased with how well their children responded to them.
  • Engaging activities – Parents also noted that classes were filled with engaging activities, such as group projects and games, which kept kids focused and motivated.
  • Fun atmosphere – Overall, parents said their children enjoyed going to class because it was fun while still being educational.
  • Home Learning Experience:
  • Parental involvement – One parent commented that she liked how easy it was for her to be involved with her child’s learning process by providing additional reading material or taking part in discussions at home.
  • Flexible online support- Another mentioned that he was grateful for the online resources available so his son could continue practicing outside of class time if needed.
  • Helpful tools & resources- Parents agreed that having access to useful tools like flashcards, practice quizzes, and audio files made understanding concepts easier for their kids.

Overall, parents appreciated how much effort El Marino put into making sure each child got personalized attention and achieved success in mastering Spanish fluency skills. Their positive feedback reflects why this language school has become a top choice among families who want to give their kids an advantage when learning a new language.

Alumni Networking Opportunities

At El Marino Language School, we are proud of our alumni and the network they have created. Our graduates stay connected to each other through a variety of online forums and professional networking events that take place both on-campus and off.

We understand the importance of staying connected with your peers after graduation, which is why we strive to provide students with multiple ways to engage in meaningful conversations with their former classmates. The following table provides an overview of some popular networking opportunities available for El Marino Language School alumni:

LinkedIn GroupsOnline PlatformsConnect with fellow alums from around the world while sharing job postings, career advice and more!
Alumni Social Events & ReunionsOn Campus / Off Campus LocationsReconnect with old friends or make new ones at one of our annual gatherings taking place all over the globe!
Professional Networking SeminarsOn Campus LocationsTake part in interactive seminars designed specifically for EMLS alumni where you can learn about entrepreneurship, gain insights into different industries and much more!

El Marino Language School also offers virtual networking sessions led by experienced professionals who will help guide you towards achieving success in your chosen field. These range from basic introductions to advanced topics such as resume building and interviewing techniques. Through these sessions, you’ll be able to connect directly with employers while learning how best to showcase your skillset.

Being part of an engaged alumni community has countless benefits – not only do you get to stay up-to-date on news related to your industry but you’ll also build long lasting relationships that could potentially lead to future business collaborations or job referrals. We encourage our students to take advantage of every opportunity presented so they can reach their full potential after graduating from our school.

Career Services For Graduates

Having a strong alumni network is beneficial for graduates of El Marino Language School. However, the school also provides career services to help graduates launch their careers. These career services are designed to provide students with resources needed to find success in their chosen field.

The Career Services team at El Marino offers personalized guidance and support throughout the job search process. The staff helps each student create a professional resume that highlights their skills and talents while also providing tips on how to effectively communicate with potential employers. Additionally, they advise students on proper interview techniques, including researching prospective employers prior to an interview and dressing appropriately for interviews.

El Marino’s Career Services team hosts several events throughout the year such as workshops, panels, employer meet-and-greets, and networking opportunities. Furthermore, the Career Services office maintains relationships with organizations and companies who actively recruit from El Marino language school. This allows our graduates access to exclusive internship and employment postings not available through other sources.

Overall, El Marino Language School provides valuable career services for its graduates by offering individualized assistance during the job search process as well as ongoing activities which allow them to connect with businesses looking for qualified candidates like themselves. With these tools in hand, our graduates are ready to embark upon successful careers after graduation.

Upcoming Events & News

At El Marino Language School, we are proud to offer a range of exciting events and news for our students. We have upcoming seminars that will help our learners develop language skills in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and more. Our instructors use engaging activities to ensure the classes remain interesting and informative.

We also host weekly conversations circles where students can practice their speaking and listening abilities with native speakers of each language. These sessions provide an opportunity for learners to gain confidence through conversational practice while learning about different cultures.

In addition to these academic programs, we hold social events such as movie nights and holiday parties throughout the year so students can enjoy themselves while still improving their language skills. This gives them a chance to interact with other individuals who share a common interest in languages.

El Marino Language School is committed to providing our students with enjoyable experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Through our various events and news updates, we strive to keep our community informed on current opportunities available at school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Typical Class Size At El Marino Language School?

When it comes to class size, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Depending on the type of learning environment desired by both teachers and students, different sizes may be more suitable for certain situations. That being said, El Marino Language School typically offers classes with an average of 15 to 20 students per group.

This small class size allows each student to receive individual attention from their instructor as they progress in their language skills. It also ensures that every student is able to participate actively throughout the lesson without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable due to too many people in the room. Additionally, instructors are able to create a sense of community amongst their students, fostering relationships between them and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable enough to ask questions when needed.

In addition, this smaller size gives instructors the opportunity to get creative with how they teach information and structure lessons. In larger groups, some topics can become difficult to cover thoroughly within a given timeframe; however, with fewer students present during class time these issues can easily be avoided while still providing quality instruction. Furthermore, it enables teachers to plan activities which involve interaction between all the participants in attendance – something which would not necessarily be possible if the group was significantly larger in number.

At El Marino Language School, having a smaller sized group helps ensure that each student gets adequate learning opportunities and support from their teacher so that they can reach their academic goals successfully.

Are There Any Student Discounts Available?

When it comes to taking language courses, one of the main considerations is cost. Are there any discounts available? This question deserves some attention as it can have a significant impact on making these educational opportunities more accessible for everyone.

Fortunately, many schools recognize this and are offering student discounts when enrolling in language classes at their institution. El Marino Language School is no exception; they provide discounted rates for students who meet certain criteria. For instance, those enrolled full-time or part-time in an accredited college may receive special discounts that allow them to pursue learning a new language without breaking the bank.

In addition, other factors like economic hardship may also be taken into account when determining eligibility for specific discounts. It’s worth considering if you fall within these categories so you can take advantage of any potential savings on tuition fees. Furthermore, check with El Marino Language School directly about what kind of deals they might offer based on your individual circumstances.

All things considered, it pays to do your research and see what kind of discounts are available before signing up for a language class at El Marino Language School or elsewhere. Knowing what options are out there could be beneficial in finding ways to save money while still getting quality education.

Are There Any Online Courses Available?

El Marino Language School offers a variety of courses for those looking to learn new skills and expand their knowledge. One type of course that has become increasingly popular is online learning, which allows students the flexibility to study from anywhere at any time. So are there any online courses available through El Marino? Let’s take a look!

Here are some advantages of taking an online course:

  • Flexibility – you can access lessons and assignments on your own schedule without having to adhere to strict timelines or in-person class sessions.
  • Cost savings – many online classes cost less than traditional ones due to reduced overhead costs.
  • Tailored learning experiences – you can customize the material based on your interests and needs, allowing for more focused instruction than what is typically provided in a classroom setting.

At El Marino Language School, we offer several types of online courses designed specifically with language learners in mind. Our certified instructors provide engaging lessons delivered via video conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom, helping students develop speaking proficiency as well as reading and writing abilities. We also have interactive activities such as role playing games and virtual excursions designed to bring culture into each lesson. Students will be able to practice their language skills while exploring global perspectives related to topics like geography, politics, history, art, music and much more!

We understand that everyone learns differently so our team takes great care in designing personalized learning plans tailored to individual student strengths and weaknesses. Whether your goal is fluency or just brushing up on basic conversation skills before travelling abroad, these customized programs help ensure progress towards achieving success in whatever language you choose.

Online courses are an excellent choice for anyone wanting the convenience of studying languages from home without sacrificing quality instruction or cultural immersion opportunities – all at affordable prices! With experienced teachers providing guidance every step of the way, no matter where you’re starting from it won’t be long before you start seeing results with one of El Marino’s premier language programs.

Is There An Orientation Process For New Students?

Yes, there is an orientation process for new students. This helps to ensure that all individuals entering a particular school have a smooth transition into the environment and are aware of the expectations set by the school.

The orientation process typically involves:

  1. An introduction to staff members and their roles in helping the student succeed
  2. A review of classroom rules and regulations
  3. An overview of various services available to the student

At El Marino Language School, this orientation process also includes a tour of the campus and its facilities so that students can get acquainted with their surroundings prior to beginning classes. Additionally, they provide information about additional resources such as counseling sessions or tutoring opportunities which may be beneficial during studies at El Marino. Moreover, students receive academic advisement regarding class selection and scheduling from certified advisors who are familiar with course requirements and policies related to enrollment in courses.

By completing these activities before starting classes, incoming students are better equipped to make informed decisions when it comes time for registration and other aspects of college life while attending El Marino Language School. This gives them more confidence going forward as they start their educational experience on solid footing and allows them to focus on learning rather than being overwhelmed by unfamiliarity with their environment or eligibility requirements for certain programs or services offered by the school.

Are There Any Language Exchange Programs Available?

Are there any language exchange programs available? This is a question that many people ask when they are considering studying a foreign language. Language exchanges offer the opportunity to learn with native speakers in an immersive environment, enabling you to practice what you’ve learned and gain an understanding of the culture behind the language.

At El Marino Language School, we recognize the importance of such experiences for our students and have implemented several language exchange programs:

  1. One-on-one tutoring – Our one-on-one tutoring program offers personalized instruction with native speakers who can help guide your learning journey.
  2. Conversation clubs – These conversation clubs provide an informal way to converse with other learners and get real time feedback from instructors on how well you’re speaking the language.
  3. Language immersion trips – Immersion trips give participants the chance to spend extended periods in countries where their target language is spoken. Here, they will be able to fully immerse themselves in the local culture while increasing their proficiency levels quickly.
  4. Online forums – Online forums enable students to connect with others around the world in order to discuss topics related to their chosen language and share tips about learning it more effectively.

El Marino Language School’s range of language exchange programs provides our students with multiple opportunities to improve their skills and confidence when using new languages outside of the classroom setting. We believe this helps them become proficient communicators within no time at all!


At El Marino Language School, students can expect a quality language learning experience. With typically small class sizes and student discounts available, it’s easy to see why this school is so popular. Additionally, they offer online courses along with an orientation process for new students which makes the transition easier and more comfortable. Finally, their language exchange program allows you to gain firsthand exposure to the culture of the language you are learning while also building relationships with native speakers.

Overall, El Marino Language School provides an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to improve their language skills in a supportive environment. They have all the elements necessary for success – great teachers, small classes, discounts, online courses and even cultural immersion through their language exchanges. This ensures that any student who enrolls here will receive a comprehensive education that offers both academic excellence as well as real world application.

If you’re interested in immersing yourself in another culture or just want to learn a foreign language at your own pace then El Marino Language School is definitely worth considering! It has something for everyone and no matter what level of proficiency you’re aiming for, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly.